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April 7, 2011 / Anna (NannyShare)

nannyshare newbies

Max is our first baby, so we had no idea what being parents would be like.  When I was pregnant, I used to envision the kind of mother I would be.  I would not be neurotic or overly protective.  I would be calm and easy-going, accept offers of help, and maintain a balanced existence

Then, four months ago, I had Max.  And all bets have been off.  My life revolves around this little guy and I have wanted nothing to do with the help proffered by my parents and inlaws.  Hands off!  He’s mine!  Only I can take care of him properly! Only I can comfort him when he cries! I can barely stand to let other people hold him much less actually care for him.  Add to that the fact that he has severe reflux, and I am about as neurotic and overprotective as they come. 

We had discussed childcare early on and had decided on a daycare center because a nanny was too expensive for us.  Now, just weeks after Max was born, I was having panic attacks at the thought of going back to work in a few months and leaving my baby in daycare where the ratio was four babies for every teacher. Four!  My baby needs my full time love and attention and I am supposed to leave him to 25% of a stranger! 

While I  had been having complete meltdowns at the thought of leaving my baby, my husband launched into problem solving mode.  Nanny sharing was an alternative that we felt was really doable, but first we needed to find another family to pair up with.  None of the nanny or baby sites offered a service to match families, so my husband, ever the fixer, went and built one.  A week later, NannyShare was born.  We built it for our own needs, but we hope that it will help other parents out too. 

On top of nannyshare, we decided to add this blog to have a place to talk about our experiences as first time parents.  I hope that as we share our stories you will share yours back.  We are winging it the vast majority of the time, and would love to hear how you are doing in your own parenting adventures. 



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  1. Veronica Campos / Jun 27 2011 11:20 pm

    Thank you soo much for starting this website and blog. The website serves the obvious purpose but your blog helps me realize that I am a normal person. I feel the same way about my 3 month old daughter. I can’t stand the idea of leaving her with a stranger and I also feel like there is no one else out there that can give her better care than me, her own mother. At least its not just me that feels the same way. Thank god!

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