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May 13, 2011 / Anna (NannyShare)

daddy’s intuition wins this round

My baby decided to stage the ultimate protest to my return to work this week.  I anticipated a nice Sunday night of mental and physical preparation for my first week back.

Max, however, decided that Sunday would be the night to turn his runny nose into full-fledged miserable, feverish illness.  So my Monday started on zero sleep and no preparation for the week ahead.   Luckily, my husband has a flexible schedule and so we were able to split sick baby duty that day.

Monday night was even worse. More screaming, less sleep.  The only thing that could calm him down was breastfeeding, and so the majority of my night was spent in the glider, breastfeeding the baby and trying not to hallucinate from exhaustion.  At one point, my husband tried to relieve me and give Max a bottle, but Max refused.  My kid never refuses milk in any form, so my husband immediately postulated that something was very wrong.  Now, I have always assumed that my mommy’s intuition would tell me if and when something was wrong with my baby.  So in all honesty I dismissed his concern and concluded to myself that my baby just wanted the comfort of his mommy.

The next morning I knew that my husband was itching for us to call the pediatrician, and, although I was pretty confident that we would get sent home  (again) with first time parent reassurances that it was a cold and we would have to wait it out, I called and made an appointment anyway, mostly to humor him.

It turns out that our baby has his first ear infection.  His screaming and frequent wakings were from pain in his ears.  Epic mommy fail.  Where the hell was my mother’s intuition in the midst of an ear infection?  I have always prided myself on being able to read every last one of my baby’s signals, but somehow Daddy’s intuition beat me out.

I feel pretty terrible about my inability to sense that something more was wrong with my kid this time, but I’m also really grateful that both my husband and I are in tune with the little guy.


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